Tempestuous Return

Hello Lovelies! Breaking my prolonged, depression-related silence to address a couple things. The prominence of Ableism in this country seems to be on an upswing, and as usual, NOT A WORD is being said about it. Once again, during this month of Pride in the LGBTQ+ community that is well-deserved and hard fought, to be certain, the Disabled community is just supposed to be grateful for what it has. I give you Travor Noah's description of a controversy over Lizzo's lyric change recently. Here's what happened intially, as reported by CNN: That reporting, in my opinion, was the right kind. The bare bones, the facts, nothing opinionated or editorialized. They let you make up your own mind. The problem I see is in the following coverage, by Trevor Noah on his show "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central, where granted they have a different rule book for reporting, and a lot of liberties were ta

Still Not Quite Visible

Alas, Lovelies, I don't think this is anything new. I would argue the news is scraping the barrel for stories with this particular article. I have ALWAYS felt left behind, being that I am immoble except on foot. And now I'm finding a lot of my friends in similarly vulnerable positions as mine--also feel as I do. Just some food for thought. You may think the world is passing you by, but things always look grim from the lense of your own struggles. I will definitely remember that, moving forward. Recently I spoke with a woman who was there with me on the night my late fiance was admitted to the hospital. We hadn't seen each other in years, and I don't think at this moment she remembered me, but I remembered her. She asked me a number of pointed questions about my capabilities, and in particular those about making decisions and/or plans for myself. I realized that from my perspective, I am limited in mobility. But AT LEAST I still had my wits about me. At least I can deci

Spoiler: Blowing of Steam With Rap

Well Lovelies, This unending trial of an extrovert's nightmare continues. My plans to finally see family fell through, because of the betrayal/oversight of another family member:( I won't get to see the twin sister I haven't seen in two years, or get to meet her fantastically beautiful little girl, nor get to hug my fabulous 4-year-old nephew OR my brother-in-law:( As I told my cat last night while my disappointment was still fresh and hadn't quite sunk in yet: "It's you and me kid." Today it's like I can't fully open my eyes, like they're puffy and red from crying--although to my knowledge that hasn't happened. It still feels like I have. Maybe I did it in my sleep. A friend of mine from closer to home has been emailing me periodically since this whole Pandemic jumped off, and he is similarly isolated by his own health concerns, even with the vaccine. It's very relateable, and I'm glad I have the sounding board. Recently he s

Let It Snow

Hello Lovelies! I don't have a lot of time, but I haven't posted this week. This little guy popped up on my feed; since he has a disability too (though he doesn't know it so don't tell him!) I thought he belonged here. Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen? I might change his name to Avalanche or Flurry at least--to give him a more imposing edge.

Finding Cheer

Good morning, Lovelies! This is the second day this week I've been up before the sun, which surprises even me. I am definitely more likely to be found staying up late then sleeping off my sleep debt far into the next day. So the next few days will be busy, and that's probably what's got me so keyed up. Nothing at all is negative or even unpleasant (although my first mammogram on Saturday--might be unpleasant if what I've heard of them is true); it's just busy. And I know that this early rising means I'll crash later. That's how it happened the other day, that's how it will happen again barring a miracle. But I'm looking forward to my busy-ness. For one thing, my Thanksgiving will be the antithesis of busy, so it seems only fair I should work it off until then. Along the same lines, I've been eating like a bird this month in preparation for the final, fantastic glut. For another thing, it's been a long time coming. In fact I've been m

Schedule? What Schedule?

Hello Lovelies; I've missed our chats, I've been stressed to the hilt lately; the holiday season came up on me like a thief of joy in the night:( Halloween finally disappeared and then everything exploded in red and green glittter! Currently I'm dealing with so many things at home, related to my ignoring my domestic obligations for so long that they've piled up. Literally piled up. I have laundry all ove the house STILL, although the new laundry center has been working like a dream. The laundry in my basket is as high as it was prior to the laundry center's installation! Although this time, at least I know it's because I've been indulging in MORE clean sheets, clean clothes, and clean towels than I have in months. My mind is still collecting itself after I've spent the past three days fretting over whether or not a mortgage payment went through--awake all night worrying then asleep all day trying to forget my troubles. But today I resolved the issu


Good Afternoon, Lovelies! This is the day after an amazing birthday weekend. I hit a milestone in age, but a lady never reveals WHICH milestone:) So I'll just say I'm older than 10 and less than 100. You may draw your own conclusions. It's been a whirlwind; Friday in particular threatened to be completely devastating when I got stood up by my ride to Phlot for a spa day. Fortunately a neighbor saw my dilemma and rescued me, driving me there without a second thought. Thank Heaven for kind people; seriously. Where would we be without them? We'd be at the mercy of the unkind-minded majority, that's where:( And let me tell you, that would make life unbearable. Isn't it lovely when the Universe balances things out so nicely? And it's a very good thing I got to let loose this weekend and finally get over the stresses that have been plaguing me. Until Tuesday of last week, for the entire summer and a big chunk of the Autumn, I'd been without a washing machin